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Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis for Yield, Yield Components and Water Use Efficiency Traits in Black Gram under Organic Fertilizer Management


Correlation and path co-efficient analysis was carried out for yield, yield component and water use efficiency traits among 30 blackgram genotypes under organic fertilizer management. Correlation studies indicated that seed yield per plant showed highly significant and positive correlation with harvest index, followed by number of primary branches per plant, number of pods per plant. It exhibited significant negative correlation with SCMR (SPAD chlorophyll meter reading) at 35 DAS and SLA (Specific leaf area) at 50 DAS at both phenotypic and genotypic levels. Path Analysis revealed that harvest index exhibited high and positive direct effect on seed yield per plant followed by number of pods per plant and number of primary branches per plant. SCMR (SPAD chlorophyll meter reading) at 35 DAS and SLA (Specific leaf area) at 50 DAS plant exhibited low and negative direct effects on seed yield per plant. Hence selection based on these traits would be effective in increasing the seed yield and improving water use efficiency. Opting for genotypes with low to moderate SLA (Specific leaf area) readings and high SCMR (SPAD chlorophyll meter reading) at flowering stage would increase water use efficiency under organic fertilizer management.

A. Kavitha Reddy*, M. Shanthi Priya, D. Mohan Reddy and B. Ravindra Reddy

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