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COVID-19 Infection among Healthcare Workers


Objective: In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the COVID-19 infection, health status and the effectiveness of the protective measures taken in healthcare workers.

Method: 1103 hospital employees who had PCR test between 12.03-12.05.2020 was included in the study. PSPP package program was used in the evaluation of the data obtained from the research.

Results: Of the 118 healthcare workers who underwent PCR testing and were infected with COVID-19, 16% were assistant healthcare professionals, 11% were nurses, 8% were physicians or pharmacists, and 7% were anaesthesia technicians. It was determined that all of the physicians infected with COVID-19, 90% of the nurses and 35% of the allied health personnel were in close contact with COVID-19 patients. It was determined that 33% of doctors, 39% of nurses, 28% of allied health personnel diagnosed with COVID-19 received inpatient treatment.

Conclusion: It was seen that the majority of health or allied health personnel with positive PCR results were technical team and data entry personnel. It has been determined that the most transmission of physicians and nurses is in COVID-19 clinics. In patient treatment status of intensive care workers respectively physician’s assistant health personnel and nurses treatment.

Bengü Şaylan1, Hatice Erdoğan2, Füsun Afşar1, Sena Melike Taşci3*, Özlem Köksal1

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