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Crop Yield and Production of Temperate Peach Cultivation in Western Himalayan Region of Kashmir Valley


In temperate regions of Kashmir valley, Peach is the important stone fruit crop and is considered as economically profitable crop, has a good nutritious value which belongs to Rosaceae family and occupies an important position in the horticulture industry of Jammu and Kashmir. There has been increasing demand for peach and their value added products because of various health applications and nutritious values. Investment in peach and its products is much profitable and financially viable which has a tremendous potential for processing of primary products and through entrepreneurship development, more employment opportunities will enhance its production to meet the demand in domestic markets. The aim of this paper is to examine the growth in area, production and yield of peach in Kashmir valley since 2007-008 to 2016-17 and forecast area, production and yield of peach for year 2018-25 in Kashmir valley. For this study regression method was used to examine the best fitted model. From the result it has been observed Peach area and production has been increasing and productivity reflects a fluctuations. It has been observed that for quadratic trend R-square =0.981 and for cubic trend R-square =0.989 which can be used for prediction purpose.

Ruyida Mushtaq*

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