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Cross-Border between Brazil-Uruguay: Power in Health Production by Municipal Management


Introduction: The objective of the study is to describe the power relations used by managers in health production in twin cities and how they operate to ensure health, considering the reality of crossborderation.

Methods: This is an exploratory approach and a qualitative method, carried out on the border between Brazil and Uruguay. The participants were six municipal mayors. Data collection took place from October to November 2016.

Results: By producing health in the border territory, managers have strategies and jurisdictions to enable local and, at the same time, international policy, which affects the daily, somewhat restricting local governance, involving binational decisions, such as complementarity in health services. The lack of recognition of national health systems and the interdependence of the need for health production in this binational space is a challenge for municipal management.

Conclusion: Managers use political power to realize binational actions and ensure foreigners access to the Single Health System; Agreements signed outside the reality of the administration interfere with law enforcement at the border. Managers need representation in decision-making spaces at the state and national levels that order the demands arising from binational border committees, as well as enabling better local governance in health cooperation in Mercosur.

Marcos Aurélio Matos Lemões1*, Celmira Lange1, Roberta Antunes Machado2, Marcio Rossato Badke3, Richardson Augusto Rosendo Da Silva 4, Carla Weber Peters1, Patricia Mirapalheta Pereira De Llano5, Fernanda Santos6, Gabriela Bester Hermes1, Maria Virginia Aquino Santiago1, Cassio Arthur Wollmann3, Vera Lucia Freitag7, Silvana Ceolin8, Silvana Bastos Cogo3, Lílian Munhoz Figueiredo1, Zaira Letícia Tisott9, Alcionir Pazatto Almeida10, Juliano Perottoni3 , Etiane De Oliveira Freitas3, Jana Rossato Gonçalves3, Iago Turba Costa3, Graciela Noemi Umpiérrez Chavez11, Gianfábio Pimentel Franco3, Simone Buchignani Maigret12, Harlon França De Menezes13, Janmilli Da Costa Dantas4, Natália Augusto Benedetti12, Michelle Cristine De Oliveira Minharro12, Gabriel Lautenschleger3, Yasmin Marques Da Rosa3, Wenysson Noleto Dos Santos14, Isabel Cristine Oliveira3, Cristiane Apio Motta Dias7, Lívia Mariane Castelo Branco Reis Coutinho De Oliveira15, Oclaris Lopes Munhoz3, Maria Elena Echevarría-Guanilo16, Graciela Dutra Sehnem3, Donátila Cristina Lima Lopes4; Bianca Marques Maio3; Fábio Piazer Franco17, Elisa Vanessa Heisler3, Alvaro Washington Diaz Ocampo11

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