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Detection of Carcinogenic Dye Sudan I and Rhodamine B and Sulfur in Agriculture Field using Indigenous Raman Spectrometer


Sudan I and Rhodamine B are carcinogenic declared by European Union and California government respectively. Duo finds their adulteration in food and vegetable products. Daily consumption of which can cause skin allergy and worsen to cancer. It is reported during the vegetative phase, agricultural materials in the environment contaminate Capsicum with Rhodamine B (RhB). Sudan dyes used widely in vegetables to make them look vibrant and fresh. Potassium fertilizer has red color and coated with Sudan dye to change product appearance. So it is necessary to detect the dyes in food product and fertilizers. Dyes Raman spectra becomes erroneous as it exhibits fluorescence using Raman Spectrometer but with use of NIR diode laser lessen fluorescence effect.

Sulfur is essential element for plants, living things and microorganism. Plants need around 500 gm to 1200 gm per acre to grow plant healthy, deficiency causes plant leave pale and whole plant become chlorotic. Raman Spectrometer it applied to test the sulfur as it can measure micron size of sample. A sample of 50 micron size tested with indigenous Raman Spectrometer.

This paper presents design of an indigenous Raman Spectrometer to detect Sudan I and Rhodamine B dyes and Sulfur in agriculture field.

Pankaj Upadhyay, Pobbati Bhaskar, Ramesh Datla

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