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Development and Boosting of Integrated Insect Pests Management in Stored Grains


Stored grain insect pests normally cause as much loss of grains in storage after harvest as crop pests cause damage during the growing season. The adults and larvae of these insects damage and contaminate grains or their products by burrowing into grain and eat out the starchy portion in the interior. This article summaries integrated pest management (IPM) in stored grains including cereals, oilseeds and pulses, which is complex operation due to diversity of grains and pests requirements. The management of stored grains necessitates the utilization of different methods to guarantee that the attributes of the grains incoming to the storehouse environment do not degenerate during storage time period. These activities involve; regular sampling, sanitation measures, storing sound and dry grains, bringing of proper temperature and aeration, and exploitation of chemical protectants and fumigants. However, the prevention against pests is the only satisfactory means to hold up the good grain quality. Bin installations play a crucial part in deciding whether grain quality is maintained and the stock is inspected regularly. A powerful linkage of researchers and food industry can expedite the acceptation of IPM exercises, and improvement and publicity of fresh and reinforced control operations for forthcoming pest situations.

M Sarwar

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