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Dreaming with the strengthening of Teaching-Service Integration Actions with Multi-professional Interns in Health: An Appreciative Inquiry


Objective: Dreaming about strategies that strengthen these actions of teaching-service integration in the context of multi-professional internships in health can be a way to stimulate creativity and start a journey to build collectively, based on dialog and interaction.

Material and Methods: This article describes the dreams that can strengthen actions of teaching-service integration from the perspective of interns linked to a Multi-professional Health Internship Program. For this purpose, an Appreciative Inquiry was carried out with seven interns linked to a lato sensu graduate program, of the Multi-professional Health Internship type, located in a Public University in the south of Brazil.

Results: Data collection was conducted in the 4D Cycle: Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny, from July 2017 to April 2018, by means of discussion groups and individual interviews. Data analysis was performed according to Green, with Edgar Morin's theoretical reference.

Conclusion: In order to strengthen teaching-service integration, it is necessary to agree with the health teams, managers, interns and others involved about the activities to be carried out; in addition, there are ways that the interns idealize to carry out these actions, as moments that favour interprofessional dialog among peers and promote democratic spaces for sharing knowledge.

Amanda de Lemos Mello*, Marlene Gomes Terra, Cristiane Trivisiol Arnemann, Vânia Marli Schubert Backes, Elisabeta Albertina Nietsche, Silomar Ilha, Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck, Sheila Kocourek, Maria Elisabeth Kleba da Silva

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