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Editorial on Mental Health


Imagine this scenario. Why is it that psychologists, philosophers, and Neuroscientists know so much about the brain and mind but mental health is getting worse? The results of mental health are how they are because of so-called experts. Our current attempts to impact mental health in any given situation are based on and bounded by our current explanation for mental health that was given to us by the experts. Our current explanations have been derived from and bounded by today’s social model. The result is, our access to creating mental health is shaped by that social model of mental health. We do not want explanations about mental health; what we want is actual mental health. An explanation is defined as a reason or justification for an action or belief. Access is defined as a means of approaching or entering a place. That is what a result is; that is what we want for you. We do not want to know about mental health; what we want is an actual healthy mentality. This talk will do that for you!!! This talk will give you access to mental health by taking the audience through an ontological way of thinking. Ontological is the key to creating actual mental health. When most speakers speak the audience marvels, but when Roy speaks the audience takes action. If you really want the best for your audience you will hire Roy to speak.    

Roy Redd 


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