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Educational Game for Prevention of Alcohol Use and Abuse: Nursing Technological Production


Objective: To report the construction and testing process of SOBERAPPY, an educational mobile app of the serious game type for prevention of alcohol use and abuse. Materials and Methods: Technological production of an educational mobile application built and developed through a multidisciplinary partnership approach. The construction process included the following steps: modelling and logic of the system, requirements, design, development, testing, installation/availability, interfaces, security, privacy and data confidentiality. The JavaScript programming language and Adobe Illustrator were used. Results: SOBERAPPY is an educational game type addressing the prevention of alcohol use and abuse in adolescents. It has 23 questions presented as a quiz through a fun platform in which the player walks through four different scenarios. As the player answers the questions in the game, if he is successful in his answers, he receives feedback and accumulates points to advance to new scenarios. Conclusion: The technology produced is creative and active, providing adolescents with immersion in the theme about alcohol in a playful and interactive way. It is expected to be used in the nursing clinical practice in order to promote health in the school context, particularly in primary care.

Maria de Lourdes de Souza*, Tereza Maria Mendes Diniz de Andrade Barroso, Aida Maria Oliveira Cruz Mendes, Manuel Alves Rodrigues, Eurico de Oliveira Marques Nogueira, Bernardo Panerai Velloso, Bruno Panerai Velloso and Tadeu Lemos

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