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Educational Technology on Hypodermoclysis: A Validation Study


Objective: To validate a pocket guide-type educational technology (ET) on hypodermoclysis. Method: Methodological research with a quantitative approach of validation. The study was performed in 3 stages: literature review (stage 1), semantic validation (stage 2) and content validation (stage 3). The judges were among the personal contacts of one of the researchers, and they invited other judges using the snowball technique. The "expert judges" in the group that participated in content validation (stage 3) were recruited from a university hospital in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The inclusion criteria were as follows: physicians with minimum of six months experience in the prescription of hypodermoclysis; nurses and nursing technicians with at least six months experience performing hypodermoclysis and providing related nursing care. Results: Semantic validation was achieved among all examiners, with a mean score of 24.6 points and a range from 23 to 26. For the content validation, there were 253 Completely Adequate ratings (72%), 90 Adequate ratings (26%), nine Partially Adequate ratings (2%) and no Inadequate ratings. The final content validity index of the educational technology was 0.97. Conclusion: The pocket guide-type educational technology on hypodermoclysis was validated and this educational technology is adequate for supporting the nursing staff.

Leandro Fernandes Alves, Silvia Maria de Sá Basílio Lins, Elizabeth eixeira, Maria Regina Araujo Reicherte Pimentel, Joyce Martins Arimatéa Branco Tavares, Bruna Maiara Ferreira Barreto Pires*, Ellen Marcia Peres, Carolina Cabral Pereira da Costa1, Lívia Fajin de Mello dos Santos, Advi Catarina Barbachan Moraes, Luciana Guimarães Assad, Tatiane da Silva Campos, Priscila Cristina da Silva Thiengo de Andrade, Helena Ferraz Gomes, Viviane Ganem Kipper de Lima, Claudia Regina Menezes da Rocha Pôças and Ellen Marcia Peres

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