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Effect of Major Nutrient and Picking Stage on Seed Yield and Quality of Cluster Bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taub)


A field experiment was conducted at Agriculture Research Station, Bagalkot during Kharif 2013 to study the effect of nutrients and picking stages on seed yield and quality of cluster bean. The results indicated that the fertilizer level of 25:94:75 (NPK Kg/ha) noticed significantly higher plant height (78.98 cm), number of pods per plant (31.00), pod weight per plant (22.33 g), number of seeds per pod (8.46), seed yield per plant (9.49 g), seed yield per ha (835 kg). Further, this fertilizer dose induced early flower initiation and the day to 50 per cent flowering was lowered (30.70 and 36.39 days). Better seed quality parameter such as 100 seed weight (3.53 g), germination percentage (91.56 %), shoot length (15.62 cm), root length (15.21 cm), seedling vigour index (2791), seedling dry weight (189.89 mg) were noticed. Lower (1.29 dSm-1) EC of seed leachate was recorded over F2 and F1 treatments. Among the different picking stages, 100 DAS recorded significantly higher pod yield per plant (21.60 g), seed yield per plant (9.20 g) and seed yield per ha (817.57 kg) along with seed quality parameters viz., 100 seed weight (3.52 g), germination (92.00 %), shoot length (16.04 cm), root length (15.87 cm), seedling dry weight (191.44 g), seedling vigour index (2919.07) and moisture content (19.11 %).

Gireesh S Palankar and Malabasari TA

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