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Effect of Sowing Methods and Foliar Nutrition application for Maximizing the Productivity of Greengram (Vigna radiata) in North eastern zone of Tamil Nadu


A field experiment was conducted during summer season, 2020 at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Vazhavachanur, Thiruvannamalai District. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD) with consisting of two sowing methods (Broadcasting and Line sowing) along with four foliar applications Viz., Seed treatment with biofertilizer (Rhizobium), Pulse wonder application @15 DAS, 1% Urea @ 30 and 45 DAS, and 2% DAP @45 and 60 DAS. The experimental results revealed that growth parameters viz., plant height 42.66 cm, dry matter production 243.31 g m-1, leaf area index 1.47, Crop growth rate 11.03 gm-² day-1, Relative growth rate 0.95 g g-1 day-1, Net assimilation rate 0.0032 gm2day-1 at 60 DAS are recorded in the line sowing with pulse wonder application @15 DAS.

S.Manickam*, P. Veeramani

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