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Effects of Reiki on Stress Reduction of Residents of Multi Professional Residence in Health in Times of Pandemic COVID-19


Introduction: To assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in nursing professionals during the first waves of the pandemic.

Methods: Cross-sectional study with a randomly selected sample. Google Forms questionnaire was sent by WhatsApp messenger. The survey comprised questions about jobs, income, and workload, PPE, training for COVID-19 patient care, behavior, and feelings during the pandemic

Results: The number of jobs, workload, and monthly income were reduced significantly d uring the first stages of the pandemic. 90% of the nurses were afraid of being infected in their jobs and infecting family and friends.

Conclusion: There was a reduction in the number of jobs, workload, and family income. Nurses reported great concern about getting infected and contaminate family and friends. Nurses showed a high level of stress and anxiety and believed that the pandemic would positively influence their nursing career.

Lívia Martins de Martins1, Graciela Dutra Sehnem1, Silvana Bastos Cogo1, Marcio Rossato Badke1, Graziele de Lima Dalmolin1, Elisabeta Albertina Nietsche1, Andriele dos Santos Cavalheiro1, Ângela Kemel Zanella1, Patrícia Vieira Gallo Rodrigues2, Gianfábio Pimentel Franco3, Marcella Simões Timm4, Rudinei Appel Brum4, Carina Pinzon Vargas4, Giovana Luiza Rossato5, Bartira De Aguiar Roza6, Carolina Heleonora Pilger1*, Denise Comin Silva Almeida1, Fabiane Marzari Possatti1, Giovana Batistella de Mello1, Jana Rossato Gonçalves1, Laís Mara Caetano da Silva Corcini1, Leandro da Silva de Medeiros5, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes1, Marcos Aurélio Matos Lemões7, Nathália Hoffmann Adames1, Raquel Einloft Kleinubing1, Silvana Ceolin8, Simone Buchignani Maigret9, Maria Elena Echevarría-Guanilo10, Suelen Gulart Portalette de Oliveira1, Thamiza Laureany da Rosa dos Reis4, Tanise da Câmara Jacques1, Vanessa Braz Silva1

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