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In the present investigation an attempt is made to treat organic pollutant present in the textile effluent using an electrochemical treatment technique. Experiments are carried out in a batch electrochemical cell covering wide range in operating conditions. Due to the strong oxidizing potential of the chemicals produced, the effluent COD is reduced substantially in this treatment technique. The influence of effluent initial concentration, pH, supporting electrolyte concentration and the anode material on pollutant degradation has been critically examined. It further attempts in the present investigation to reuse the treated polluted water for dyeing purpose. Several cycles (eleven times) of dyeing operations have been performed with the treated textile polluted water and the dye uptake and water quality have been critically examined at each cycle of dyeing process. The results indicates that the electrochemical method is a feasible technique for treatment of textile polluted water and electrochemically treated polluted water can be effectively reused for dyeing application.

S. Anthuvan Babu , S. Raja , S. Sibi and P. Neera ja

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