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Evaluation of Nutritional analysis of "Khakhra" Prepared by Buckwheat Flour and Gram Flour (Sattu)


India is a country with huge population with lots of religious values. That’s why this study was formulated with the aim of providing full nutrition in one diet to whom that not able to buy expensive healthy food for their livelihood. Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Möench) with common gram flour was used to develop a papad which is very cost effective and also rich in nutritive values. A perfect fasting diet with moisture, ash, fat, protein, carbohydrate, and total energy value was found to be 7.30%, 2.30%, 3.17%, 14.36%, 65.57% and 348 Kcal/100 g respectively in flour. While in developed product, the moisture, ash, fat, protein, carbohydrate content and energy value were found to be 7.13%, 2.58%, 13.98%, 72.81%, and 379 Kcal/100 g.

Sunita Mishra*, Gaurav Singh

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