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Experiences of Young Mothers of Premature Children in the Post-partum Period


Objective: The study aimed to know the experiences of young mothers of premature children about the postpartum period.

Method and methods: Qualitative research, conducted at the pediatric outpatient clinic of a university hospital in southern Brazil, in the first semester of 2019. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 young mothers of premature children, respecting the ethical principles of the National Health Council. The data were submitted to thematic analysis content.

Results and Discussion: The results pointed out that, during the postpartum period, feelings of anguish and worry arose due to the specific demands of prematurity, but also moments of pleasure and happiness. Those mothers faced several changes in their routines, mainly because their babies were born prematurely. Due to the complex care that some babies required, they experienced fear that their child would need specialized support until stabilization, the long period of hospitalization and, after discharge, home adaptation, which becomes differentiated for a premature infant.

Final Considerations: Young mothers of premature children need a support network to face negative feelings and changes in daily life.

Graciela Dutra Sehnem, Laís Antunes Wilhelm, Aline Cammarano Ribeiro, Silvana Bastos Cogo, Márcio Rossato Badke, Jaquiele Jaciára Kegler, Fernanda Almeida Fettermann, Fernanda Duarte Siqueira, Cintia Flôres Mutti, Amanda Peres Zubiaurre De Barros, Francielle Morais De Paula, Caren Da Silva Bertoldo, Luiza Carolina Santos Malheiros*, Silvia Tereza Nogueira Sibalde, Richardson Augusto Rosendo Da Silva, Eliane Tatsch Neves

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