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Exploring the lived experiences of the suicide attempt survivors: A phenomenological approach


Introduction: Suicide is a complex phenomenon that needs to be studied with a variety of approaches. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the lived experience of attempted suicide with the phenomenology approach.  Methods: In this qualitative study, 16 participants were selected using purposeful sampling From October to November 2017 at the Farshchian psychiatric hospital in Hamadan/Iran. The data were collected through unstructured interviews. Thematic analysis using van Manen's methodology. Results: Identified three themes and eight subthemes: Mental pain (subthemes: living through grief, internal conflict, the world is better without me), Social challenges (lack of social connection, financial problems, social support services) and Need for love and belonging (feeling understood, need of empathy).Conclusions: Outcomes and key implications of the study related primarily to improving the treatment experiences of suicide attempt survivors and other at-risk population, and also advancing suicide prevention efforts and to provide support for suicide attempt survivors.  

Farshid Shamsaei

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