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Fruit Fly Tephritis zernyi Hendel, A Member of Genus Tephritis Latreille in Family Tephritidae within Order Diptera


Globally, fruit flies (Diptera: Tephrtitidae) are among the most important pests of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the polyphagous nature of some fruit fly species, several are considered highly invasive, aided by globalization of trade and poor quarantine infrastructure in the certain countries. Fruit fly pests attack to host species causing direct damage, and in addition to the direct losses, indirect losses are also attributed due to quarantine restrictions imposed enormously. The present studies based on specimens collected from Murree region of Pakistan recognized a fruit fly of genus Tephritis Latreille, which is being newly reported for the local insect fauna. The fruit fly was described as Tephritis zernyi Hendel and may subsequently be found in across other localities to have a wide geographic and ecologic ranges in the country. Morphometry using various body parts was used to separate T. zernyi population from other closely related Bactrocera species. At the initial part of this study, identification key, description and photos of the studied species especially figures of wing pattern and Oviscape are prepared. At the subsequent part of this study, the locality, host plants, distribution of the studied species and references are prepared. The morphology of structures of species belonging to different genera of Tephrtitidae can be made by a combination of features using optical and scanning electron microscopes as investigated and given.

Muhammad Riaz and Muhammad Sarwar

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