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Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia: A Review Study


Platelets are found in blood and they perform the functions of hemostasis whenever there is a damage in subendothelial happens platelets actives and aggregate to form a platelet plug in order to maintain hemostasis Glanzmann’s thrombocytopenia is a disease discovered by Glanzmann’s in 1918. It’s a genetic platelet surface receptor defects of GPIIb / IIIa. Either qualitative or quantitative. It will result in abnormal platelet agreegation and clot retraction. Several bleeding episodes are symptoms of GT including epistaxis, gingival bleeding etc. the management of GT could be done by various local measures and many anti - fibrinolytic agents and desmopressin etc. Heeding to recent studies the treatment options included retiuximab, bevacizumab and rFVIIa etc bone marrow transplantation and stem cell therapy is a great option of treatment but very rarely using methods of treatment because have less chances of successful results and a painful and costly therapy it ishe objective of this study is to understand all about the Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia its pathogenesis, discovery, treatment options and diagnostic tools etc . the study was based on previous published data obtained from PubMed , ncbi, elsevier and other publications of last 5 years was concluded that glanzmann’s thrombasthenia is a platelet disorder it is very rarely occur and characterized by severe bleeding episodes hence, it’s proper treatment and management is of great concern for all health care expertise.

Maria Ayub, Amna Islam

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