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Hair Growth-Promoting Activity of Herbal Hair Gel Containing Brassica Oleracea Extracts


Brassica oleracea, cabbage name from French, caboche meaning head, grows well in cool climates. It has been used in salads, vegetable. In the titled research pet.ether and aqueous extract of B. oleracea was initially tested for the type of phytoconstitutents and then the extract was standardized for the marker compound. Animal studies were carried out by application of standardized extract to the shaved dorsal skin of albino rats. Histomorphometric analysis was employed to study induction of the hair follicle cycle. To determine the effect of extract on the telogen to anagen transition, the protein expression levels of β-catenin and Sonic hedgehog (Shh) in hair follicles were determined by immunohistochemistry. We observed that pet.ether B. oleracea extract promoted hair growth by inducing the anagen phase. Specifically the histomorphometric analysis data indicates that topical application of the extract in gel form induced an earlier anagen phase and prolonged the mature anagen phase, in contrast to control and 1% minoxidil treated group. Results also exposed the increase in both the numbers and size of hair follicles of the extract treated group. Moreover, the immunohistochemical analysis reveals earlier induction of β-catenin and Shh proteins in hair follicles of the extract-treated group, compared to the control or 1% minoxidil-treated group.

Mahak Shaikh, Sridevi G, Gopkumar P, and Sujit Pillai

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