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Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI)-A Prevalence Study


Background: Health care-associated infection (HCAI) affects patients in setting where they receive health care and can also appear after discharge. Although HCAI is the most frequent adverse event in health care, its true global burden remains unknown because of the difficulty in gathering reliable data. The burden of HCAI is one of the key areas of work of Clean and Safer Care, hence this study was designed. Methodology: The study involved patients with symptoms of infective pathology of different body systems with a recent history of hospitalization; patients who developed symptoms of infected pathology of various body symptoms, 2-3 days after admission, a health worker with such symptoms and being the index case in the family and neighborhood, and a person who has undergone clean or clean contaminated surgery. The data collected was analyzed and interpreted for significance.
Results: A total of 100 patients were enrolled in the study, 43 were males and 57 were females. The females were off slightly higher age group, the number of patients reporting with fever was more in case of females although not significant, while discharge was mostly reported by males. 2% patients demonstrated Escherichia coli in their report, whereas the other 3% showed mixed growth. Antimicrobial cover was used in all patients both during the pre-operative and post-operative period. 94% of patients were prescribed Ceftriaxone and 6% were prescribed ciprofloxacin with either amikacin / metronidazole.
Conclusion: Our study has shown that the nosocomial infection in our set up is 3%, with most of the patients reporting with either E coli and mixed infection.

Rabab Ganju, Vipan Gupta, Prithpal S Matreja, Ashwani K Gupta

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