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Health Educational Technologies for Prevention of Transit Accidents: Integrative Review


Objective: To identify in the scientific literature the educational technologies in health for the prevention of traffic accidents. Method: An integrative literature review conducted in October 2019 through original articles indexed in the Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature, Nursing Database, Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, Scopus and Web of Science, without temporal or language restriction. The analysis of the results occurred descriptively. Results: We found 62 articles, of which eight were included in the study. They were published in international journals, four clinical trials, three qualitative studies and one quasiexperimental. The predominant type of technology was video. The most discussed theme was child safety in traffic. Conclusion: Educational health technologies in accident prevention proved to be effective, but are still incipient in this area, and further studies are needed to create, validate and apply these technologies, especially for motorcyclists, since no studies have been identified for this public, as it represents the population most exposed to traffic accidents in the world panorama.

Tatyanne Silva Rodrigues*, Nisleide Vanessa Pereira das Neves, Isaura Danielli Borges de Sousa, Rouslanny Kelly Cipriano de Oliveira, Julyanne dos Santo Noleto, Ana Maria Ribeiro dos Santos, Fernanda Valeria Silva Dantas Avelino and Grazielle Roberta Freitas Silva

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