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How Tobacco and Cannabis Smoking Effects Human Physiology


Apart from the recreational and medical use, Tobacco and Cannabis are nowadays widely being abused for getting high and temporary relaxation. Lungs are most badly effected organs in the patients with heavy use of tobacco and cannabis through smoking. The alkaloids in tobacco and cannabinoids in cannabis are responsible for the psychological and physiological effects of the smoking tobacco and cannabis. Other than lungs, most of the other organs in the body are affected by the abuse of these substances. Over a course of time, in long term smokers the physiological effects of the smoking these plant parts brings out gradual changes in the individual body parts and organ systems which eventually result in developing some cumulative changes in the body in regular functioning. These effects are widely varied under influence of various external factors ranging from geographical conditions, food habits, socio-economic and legal conditions of the environment the person living in. In this review we highlight the specific effects of smoking tobacco and cannabis on the physiology of human body. Various studies on the effects of tobacco and cannabis have revealed the detailed analysis and statistics of the micro level changes in the morphology and physiology of different systems of the body. These studies on the smokers of different plant material also revealed the details

Maddela VS

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