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Immunosuppressive and Cytotoxic Potential of Flavonoids from Mitragyna parvifolia, Mangifera indica and Aegle marmelos


The objective of our study is to isolate the flavonoids from the leaves of these three medicinal plants and evaluated in vitro effect on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) using hepatitis B vaccine containing surface antigen (HBsAg; 20 µg/ml, 10 µl) and determined its HBsAg proliferation, nitric oxide production and CD14 monocyte surface marker. The results showed that flavonoids at higher doses (25 mg/ml; 50 µl) inhibited HBsAg stimulated proliferation of human PBMC cells as well as nitric oxide production and also blocked the activation of CD14 monocyte surface marker, which are necessary for T cell activation. Our results reporting the immunosuppressive activity of Mitragyna parvifolia, Mangifera indica and Aegle marmelos against HBsAg, specific protein antigen. Thus, these crude flavonoids isolated from medicinal plants could be a candidate for development as an immunosuppressive and cytotoxic agent.

Amit Gupta, Sushama R Chaphalkar

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