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Impact of Rainfall on Agriculture Case Study of Tamil Nadu


Agriculture in India has a long history dating back over ten thousand years. Today, India is the second largest producer of farm products globally. Agricultural production is affected by a number of uncontrolled climate factors, the number one cause of rainfall (drought and flooding). The role of rain as a resource in crop production is of interest to many researchers. Rainfall plays a more important role than other farm inputs. The amount and temporal distribution of precipitation is generally the single most important determinant of annual fluctuations in national crop production levels. The study area is 1,30,058 square kilo meters between 8°5’ and 13°35' north latitude and 76°15' and 80°20' east longitude. Studies depend entirely on secondary data. This study is based on graphs prepared using the analytical system, Arc GIS Software, and describes the significant areas from the study area using the statistical method.

Dayalan N*, Pavendar T

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