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Indian Versus Canadian Helpful or Ganizations Structures and Policy: A Review Based on Barr's Model of Health Care


ABSTRACT The medicinal services frameworks of India and Canada are established on various standards, and keep on being molded by social elements, monetary impacts, populace demographics, and human services strategies. In contrasting the essential difficulties of the Indian and Canadian social insurance frameworks, this audit looks at the more extensive connection of private and general human services. This audit utilizes an organized, straightforward, and one of a kind way to deal with break down the accessible writing in the field of general wellbeing, taking into account the five essential parts of wellbeing approach enveloped inside Barr's structure. With regards to distributed writing and reports, this audit investigates how Canada's one-level framework keeps on encountering issues identifying with holding up times and pro get to. It likewise recognizes challenges in India's two-level human services framework, extending from an overdependence on the private framework to a critical absence of direction on a government scale, prompting deficiencies in the nature of consideration and responsibility. In considering the writing and appraisals of social insurance inside Barr's structure, this study makes a few proposals which envelop the improvement of medicinal services frameworks to administration Canada's maturing populace and India's extending youthful populace.

Eswari P

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