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Influence of Genotypes and Culture Media on Embryogenic Callus Introduction from Immature Embryos of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)


The contemporaneous research was directed in experimental laboratory of Department of plant Breeding and Genetics, Sargodha Pakistan to develop Invitro plant redevelopment from immature embryos of wheat, eight wheat genotypes during February 2017 to september2018 with an assessment to study the effect of genotypic of 5 Pakistani spring wheat varieties and 3 chines winter wheat varieties on callus development from immature wheat embryos. MS basal salts with 1,2,3, mgL-1 2,4-D and control was examined for callus data was recorded for different parameters. Finally, it is concluded that among the 8 spring and winter wheat genotypes Ujalla-2016 and Galaxy-2013 responded best in callusing and days taken to callusing at 1 mg/l 2, 4 –D whereas Saher-2006 performed better in callus initiation percentage. Therefore, these verities may be used to create invitro somatic variation efficiency through callogenesis.

Aamer Waseem*

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