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Learn an Evaluation Model and Family Intervention with "FAMILY NURSING GAME"


Family has varied its structure throughout time and should be integrated as a focus of nursing care. The aim of this study is to assess the impact of a game in teaching families nursing practices. It is a quasiexperimental study with a time setting, integrating nurses in different contexts within the hospital, which it was possible to collect information before and after the intervention. The intervention was the "Family Nursing Game"®, it is a board game. To assess the impact of the training strategy, information was analyzed and documented by nurses before and after the intervention, based on the evaluation and intervention model of Calgary. The results show an increased focus on the family in the various fields of the evaluation and intervention model of Calgary, mainly due to intervention in the affective domain. We can conclude that the game is a useful.

Carla Sílvia Fernandes, Maria Manuela Martins, José Augusto Gomes

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