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literature review of Ebola virus


Ebola virus is one of the maximum lethal pathogens recognized to contaminate people. The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is unheard of in magnitude and duration and, as of November 30, 2014, indicates no signs and symptoms of abating. For the primary time, cases of Ebola virus ailment have been recognized in the US, originating from sufferers who travelled at some point of the incubation period. The outbreak has generated international problems. Ebola virus ailment is a severe and frequently deadly ailment as a result of the Ebola virus (EBOV). EVD outbreaks normally begin from an unmarried case of in all likelihood zoonotic transmission, observed utilizing human-to-human transmission through direct touch or contact with inflamed physical fluids or contaminated virus. EVD has a high case–fatality fee; it's far characterized through fever, gastrointestinal signs and more than one organ dysfunction syndrome. Diagnosis requires a mixture of case definition and laboratory exams, usually actual-time reverse transcription PCR to stumble on viral RNA or speedy diagnostic checks based totally on immunoassays to hit upon EBOV antigens. The results of a randomized scientific trial of investigational therapeutics for EVD proved survival benefits from two monoclonal antibody merchandise concentrated on the EBOV membrane glycoprotein. EVD is currently one of the international's most feared diseases. In this literature evaluation, we describe the epidemiology, scientific features, diagnosis, and remedy of EVD.

Sasidharan J

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