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Slow or Controlled Release Glass Fertilizer Containing Macro and Micro Nutrients with their Leaching Mechanistic Aspect: An Inner View


Glass fertilizers or vitreous fertilizers are new type of advanced and controlled released fertilizer and made of glass matrix with low and controlled solubility in water (made of macro elements K, P, Mg, S, Ca most useful for plants) and also incorporated with micro-nutrients or trace elements containing B, Fe, Mo, Cu, Zn, Mn which are important to the growth and development of corps or plants. In a single type of fertilizer can be embedded almost all useful elements for plants; the controlled rate of solubility in water can be adjust easily by changing the composition of glass matrix. When the glass fertilizer spread in the soil, it offers the nutrients as much as the plant needed for months to year, and those advantages will cause the greater possibility for the application of glass fertilizer. In the present paper author try to explain different types of Glass Fertilizers prepared from different batch oxides mixtures as well as their leaching mechanistic aspect.

Goutam Hazra*

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