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MMPs as Molecular Targets for Wound Healing by Musa sapientum: In-silico and In-vivo Evidences


The present work has been an attempt to study the wound healing by Musa sapientum (MS, banana). 50% ethanolic extract of Musa sapientum (MSE, 50-200 mg/kg) when administered as suspension showed dose-dependent increase in wound breaking strength in in vivo Incision wound rat model. MSE 100 mg/kg produced a significant increase in protein and collagen constituents like hydroxyproline, hexuronic acid and hexosamine in the connective tissue content of extracellular matrix when studied in Dead space wound model in rat. The role of leucocyanidin, an active constituent of MS was evaluated, in wound healing by in silico methods. In in-silico study leucocyanidin was taken for evaluation as MMPs inhibitor by molecular docking. Molecular docking showed that leucocyanidin was able to inhibit all selected MMPs, i.e. collagenase (-9.67 Kcal/mol), gelatinase (-8.67 Kcal/mol), elastase (-8.27 Kcal/mol) and stromelysin (-10.17 Kcal/mol).

Amit Singh, Abha Mishra, Sharad Verma, Manish K Gautam, and Raj Kumar Goel

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