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Natural Resources for Therapeutic Use: Evidence from Brazil


Aim and Objective: Identify plants used for insect stings in selfcare practices in the situation of suffering by people living in a rural location of Santa Maria municipality, Southern Brazil.

Material and Methods: To achieve the proposed objective, there were semi-structured interviews and participant observation (N-17) in the period from 2015 to 2017. The thematic axis emerged in the content analysis to treat the material.

Results and Discussion: The results show that five respondents reported using plants to treat insects or spiders’ injuries. Seven plant species from different angiosperms families were mentioned: (I) Ruta graveolens L., (II) Sida rhombifolia L., (III) Citrus × sinensis (L.) Osbeck, (IV) Plantago tomentosa Lam., (IV) Allium sativum L., (VI) Eucalyptus globulus Labill and (VII) Mirabilis jalapa L. This study revealed the popular use of herbal therapy for insect and spider stings in health care. Also, it showed the importance of knowledge and recognition of health professionals about popular knowledge for scientific advances.

Final Considerations: We conclude that the self-care practices in situations of suffering refer to certain social, economic, and cultural contexts, showing the need to insert the health professional in this reality and establish a therapeutic alliance, aiming to reduce the distances between scientific and popular knowledge.

Marcio Rossato Badke*, Rosa Lia Barbieri, Silvana Bastos Cogo, Liliana Essi, Neide Aparecida Titonelli Alvim, Richardson Augusto Rosendo da Silva, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Ariele Priebe Reisdorfer, Graciela Dutra Sehnem, Laís Mara Caetano da Silva, Maria Denise Schimith, Isabel Cristina Amaral de Sousa Rosso Nelson, Ana Tânia Lopes Sampaio, Gianfábio Pimentel Franco, DDiéssica Roggia Piexak, Henriqueta Tereza do Sacramento, Luiza Carolina Santos Malheiros, Rosália Figueiro Borges, Claudete Moreschi, Maria Elena Echevarría-Guanilo, Jerônimo Costa Branco, Sheila Spohr Nedel, Marcello Mascarenhas, Elisa Vanessa Heisler, Silvana Ceolin, Gabriel Lautenschleger, Jana Rossato Gonçalves, Márcia da Silva Jacobsen, Juliano Perottoni, Angelo Ramos Junior, Lucidio Clebeson de Oliveira, Silvia Tereza Nogueira Sibalde, Erika Eberlline Pacheco dos Santos, Rosiane Filipin Rangel, Guilherme Emanuel weiss Pinheiro and Claudimar Pereira da Veiga

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