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Need for Common Regulatory Guidelines for Food Safety A Global Perspective


In human life, food intake is magnanimous in term of quantity, duration and frequency as compared to medicines. Unlike olden days, now a days, newer foods and their processing patterns, is steering us into complicated health issues. Most of these health problems are hidden, and were always have been interpreted as common health issues instead as food induced. Recent studies revealed that fast and junk foods are hidden cause for copious health hazards like depression, gastritis, obesity, stroke, diabetes, artery damage, constipation, irritable syndromes, and insomnia. National institute of Health (NIH) stated that fast and junk food induces insulin resistant diabetes and obesity especially in children who eat fast food quite often. The corporate accountability international (CAI), also stated that one-third of human cancers are due to the poor diet in terms of food quality, cooking pattern, unknown toxic substance formed during cooking and preservation. The food induced obesity is closely linked with cancers of the colon, kidney and esophagus too. Review of reports, substantiated the psychological addiction and poor lipid profile in children due to fast and junk foods. The ‘American Journal of Public Health’ recently conducted a study and concluded that hospital food is “a largely untapped resource for public health that may help to arrest increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diet related health issues due,” means the use of vegetable and fruits prevents diseases and cooked food always a risk. At a global perspective, regulation on control and monitoring of food hazards is initiated but at primitive stage. Many underdeveloped countries do not have regulations too.

Ramalingam Peraman*, Ramprasad M, Manjunath S

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