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Neurological and Neurosurgical Morbidity Risks due to Anatomical Variants of Circle of Willis Case Presentation and Literature Review


There are few articles in literature that report multiple anatomical variations of the constituent arteries of circle of Willis (COW) and fewer are dealing with the causes of death of patients presenting these vascular anomalies. The aim of the present paper is to demonstrate, based on the morphological aspects we have identified during the clinical autopsy, the role of multiple concomitant anatomical variants of the circle of Willis in the development of neurological and neurosurgical diseases, based on evidence of a case report.

We emphasize the fact that multiple anatomical variants of circle of Willis can be compatible with a long life, but patient and physician must pay attention to cardiovascular diseases in this category of patients as these are the leading cause of death anywhere in the world.

Ana-Maria Dumitrescu1, Șerban Turliuc2*, Victorița Sorodoc3, Claudia Florida Costea4, Diana Hodorog2, Celina Stafie5, Carmen Valentina Rîpă5, Roxana-Gabriela Cobzaru5, Raluca Alina Dragomir6, Răzvan Miftode7 and Anca Sava1

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