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New Phythalic Acid Diamide Flubendiamide-Its Effects on Non-Target Species-A Review


Pesticides are used to protect food crops, but can also threaten organisms unrelated to their intended targets. With population growth and pesticide use increasing, food is becoming scarcer and pesticides are used to combat them. Flubendiamide is an insecticide that is toxic to lepidopterans and other non-target organisms. The objective of our review is to identify how the insecticide affects non-target organisms. Several recent studies are systematically reviewed and analyzed. A review of a number of different studies undertaken on different organisms exposed to the chemical showed that the pesticide is capable of causing morphological, biochemical, hematological, enzymatic, histopathological, and behavioral changes.


Biochemical changes; Enzyme profile; Hematological changes; Histopathological alterations; Lepidopteran insecticide; Morphological changes

C P Anitha Devi, Bismi Antony

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