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Nursing and Self-Care Care Practices of Riverside Inhabitants with Cutaneous Leishmaniosis


Background: Self-care enables the person to reintegrate and reestablish health conditions. The purpose of this research was to analyze nursing care and self-care for cutaneous leishmaniasis in Nova Olinda do Norte, Amazonas State, according to Orem’s Self-Care Theory.

Material and methods: This descriptive study was carried out qualitatively in Nova Olinda do Norte (municipality). Data were obtained from semi-structured interviews and analyzed through a content analysis from Bardin’s perspective. Nursing care practices and self-care practices emerged as categories for discussion.

Results: A predominance of cutaneous leishmaniasis was observed among males aged 20 to 60. Their activities included hunting, fishing, and direct contact with nature.

Conclusion: The main self-care practices employed by this group were anchored in the use of natural resources to treat the disease, indicating the influence of cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic factors and inaccessibility to a daily health service.

Gisele Reis Dias, David Lopes-Neto, Enock Barroso dos Santos, Linda Karolinne Rodrigues Almeida Cunha*

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