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Partial-Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears


Partial-thickness rotator cuff tears are revealed in different clinical situations, can be asymptomatic or may cause pain and loss of function that affects the daily life. Compared with full-thickness tears, the incidence is reported to be higher and interestingly, they tend to be more painful than full-thickness tears. Conservative treatment should be tried firstly due to low progression rates. 3-6 months of conservative treatment should be applied before the surgical decision. Bursal-side partial rotator cuff tears are typically associated with impingement syndrome. CAL degeneration (Coracoacromial ligament degeneration) has been proposed as a well-known indicator for subacromial impingement. Surgeons should consider CAL release, debridement of the degenerative ligament tissue, or acromioplasty in patients with bursal-side partialthickness rotator cuff tear.

Tacettin Ayanoglu Kanatli U, Ataoglu MB, Ozer M, Cetinkaya M

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