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Patient Safety in Nursing Teaching: A Scoping Review


Objective: To identify and map the teaching of Patient Safety in nursing. Methods: This is a scoping review. Data collection took place in July 2017, in 15 national and international databases. For data analysis, the following indexes were used: year of publication; country of publication; methodological design; level of evidence; modality of teaching; basic patient safety protocols addressed; teaching strategies used; and content addressed. Results: The sample was made up of eight studies, which were published from 2008 to 2017, mostly originating from the United Kingdom and Canada. Most studies addressed aspects related to the international goals for Patient Safety. Conclusion: It became clear that the teaching of patient safety in the nursing courses has been consolidating, although the number of publications on the subject is still low, and there is a remarkable scarcity of studies that address some themes related to patient safety.

Flavia Barreto Tavares Chiavone*, Manaces dos Santos Bezerril, Ana Luisa Petersen Cogo, Marcos Antonio Ferreira Junior, Petala Tuani Candido de Oliveira Salvador, Viviane Euzébia Pereira Santos

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