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Personal Protective Equipment to Prevention of COVID-19 in Health Workers: A Review


Introduction: The safety of health workers who provide care to patients with COVID-19 has not been ensured by all care institutions. The lack of availability of personal protective equipment contributes to creativity, new inventions and technological adaptations of protection, and also to greater exposure of health workers. Objective: To identify in the scientific literature the personal protective equipment presented for the safety of health workers with regard to COVID-19. Method: Review study with data extraction in six electronic sources published in the period from January to May 2020. The selection of studies, as well as the extraction of data, took place independently through the efforts of two researchers. The studies were classified as product and process technologies, and if they were evaluated and/or tested with research. Results: We identified 2,177 articles, of which 12 were included in this review. Most of the personal protective equipment identified was for respiratory protection, followed by face contact and body contact protections. We noted that 58.3% of the articles dealt with product technology and 41.7% with process technology. Technologies were evaluated by highlighting the protection of health workers. Conclusion: The technological propositions demonstrate possibilities for the safety of health workers with regard to COVID-19

Katia Cilene Godinho Bertoncello, Stefhanie Conceiçao de Jesus, Geline Nascente Soares Lentz, Carolina Huller Farias, Jessica Costa Maia, Beatriz Furtuoso Petry, Húndra Prestes de Godoi, Julio Cesar Preve, Rhuan Medeiros Rios, Juliano Kernitskei, Sayonara de Fátima Faria Barbosa, Graziele Telles Vieira, Cheila Maria Lins Bentes and Maria de Lourdes de Souza*

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