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Philadelphia Arab-American and Arab Immigrant Health Needs Assessment


A health needs assessment was conducted on behalf of the Arab American Development Corporation to determine the health needs and behaviors that influence the health of Arab and Arab-Americans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Data were collected with purposeful sampling using two methods: a health assessment survey and focus groups with key informants from the Arab and Arab-American community to contextualize the survey data. Seventy-six adult respondents completed the survey. The major problems identified were: limited access to health care due to uninsured or underinsured; potential language barriers within the health care system as many respondents spoke only Arabic in the home; overweight and obesity: cardiovascular disease and diabetes; risk of residential lead exposure; and symptoms of stress and depression. Iraqi refugees were at additional risk of mental health problems related to experiencing or observing torture in Iraq.

Ruth McDermott-Levy and Najeem Al Balushi

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