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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to War Trauma, Social and Family Support among Adolescent in the Gaza Strip


Aim: This study aimed to find the relationship between trauma due to war and post-traumatic stress disorder, social, and family support among adolescent in the Gaza Strip. The sample consisted of 400 students (200 boys and 200 girls). Method: The adolescents were interviewed by Gaza Traumatic Events Checklist, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist, Social Support Scale and Family Crisis Oriented Personal Evaluation Scale. Results: The study showed that mean traumatic experiences reported was 12.19. Boys had been exposed more than girls. The study showed that 25% of adolescents reported partial PTSD and 9.3% had full criteria of PTSD. Boys reported more PTSD than girls. Mean of social support was 83. Adolescents aged 13 years had less total social support than the older group. Mean of family support was 97.33, acquiring social support was 28.62, reframing was 26.18, seeking spiritual support was 14.26, mobilizing family to acquire and accept help was 12.48, positive appraisal was 12.75. There was positive correlation between total traumatic events and PTSD, intrusion and avoidance. While, total traumatic events were correlated negatively with family coping and social support. There was positive correlation between PTSD and social support and family support.

Niveen Ahmed Mousa Al-Sheikh and Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet

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