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Problems Related to Nursing Services at the Department of Pediatrics


Problem and contribution: Performing medical interventions in children is one of the deepest concern arousing situations for both hospital administrators and health care givers. Therefore, strengthening, developing the functions of nursing, improving the care quality and revealing and resolving the existing problems in terms of providing effective care are considered to be important. In accordance with the data obtained from this research, it was planned to determine the problems in podiatric clinics and develop nursing services addressing these issues. At the same time it is expected that it will provide a positive contribution to both nurses, institution and people receiving these services via improving quality in nursing services and providing cost-effective services. Method: The study was conducted as a descriptive research with the aim of determining the issues stemming from the service and the structure of the clinic and experienced by nurses working at paediatric clinics at two hospitals in Trabzon. To measure the service at paediatric clinics, a Likert-type scale developed by the authors was used. The reliability and validity of the scale was tested by factor analysis method, Crhomba Alpha. In the evaluation of the data, SPSS was used and significance tests were performed along with frequency and ratio analyses. Findings: Pediatric nurses in the study expressed their problems as the lack of teachers and training room where school-age children could continue their education (62.8%), the lack of sinks in patients’ rooms so that nurses could wash their hands (50.0%) and the problems related to visiting hours and visitors (34.3%).

Ä°lknur Kahriman* and Sedat bostan

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