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The Adipose Cause of Senescence of Male Hypothalamic Preoptic Nucleus: An European View


Recently, it was hypothesized by Cai that, from skin senescence to slow wave sleep, it be completed a new degenerative aging pathway to explain the hypothalamic chronological sequence of aging on suprachiasmatic nucleus. In parallel, it was likewise supposed by many European people in television an additional senescent pathway for male reproduction analogously resulting in the degeneration of hypothalamic preoptic area by the common knowledge of adipose accumulation in middle age/early old age and reduction of sperm production on that age, while the senescence of female reproduction resulting also from ovary menopause. It was earlier pointed out by Cohen that, as male aging progressed there relatively increased the body fat which was associated with the increase in enzyme aromatase converting testosterone to estradiol, leading to diminished testosterone levels. In this article, it is integratively reviewed the relevant evidence to support the view of the European people in television for the degeneration of male hypothalamic preoptic sexually dimorphic nucleus additionally from adipose accumulation, which was even present earlier in evolution than the appearance of forebrain slow wave in sleep.

Zi-Jian Cai

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