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Quality Assessment of Soil in the Vicinity of Rice Mill and Sponge Iron Industry at Central India


Proposed study based on the biosorptive removal of chromium (III) heavy metal in the soil using a domestic plant: Cicer arietinum. This plant was selected, based on economic value and adsorption efficiency. In the column mode adsorption method, the maximum chromium (III) adsorption capacity was found as 91.72 mg/g of dry biomass. For adsorption process optimum pH and time were pH 5.0 and 60 min respectively at 26 ± 2 °C temperatures. SEM, EDX and FTIR were used to characterize the surface property of the bioadsorbent. This study was completed by optimizing various parameters like pH, initial ion concentration, biosorbent dose, contact time and temperature. NaOH is known as the best eluting agent. The research also recognized that the concentration of chromium (III) heavy metal is found very high around sponge iron comparatively rice mill.


Biosorptive removal; Chromium (III); SEM; EDX; FTIR; Parameters; Bioadsorbent

Preeti Verma, SK Chatterjee, Sanjay Ghosh, Deepak Sinha

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