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Quality Assurance & Quality Control in laboratories: A review


Human services conveyance is no more a straightforward procedure of inspecting the patient and giving him a remedy. Throughout the years there has been fast development in the different branches of social insurance administrations. As a component of this development procedure and blast of investigative restorative information, research center analysis has increased huge significance in today's practice. Particularly in our nation since the start of 80's we have been seeing critical development in research center administrations. Through quality administration prepare the research center can guarantee that the outcome being issued by the research center is dependable to permit choices to be brought with certainty. Quality control furthermore, quality certification are parts of value administration. Quality control is centered around satisfying quality necessities, while quality affirmation is centered around giving certainty that quality necessities are satisfied. By using quality control rehearses, a research facility can discover and right imperfections in the logical procedures of a lab before possibly off base patient results are discharged.

Md. Mazher Ahmed

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