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Replication Crisis from Previous Experiences to the Nursery


Introduction: Application of evidence-based treatment intervention is expected to be based on a critical review of scientific literature. Aim: Our aim is to describe the main issues raised by the socalled “reproducibility crisis” in the context of nursery research.

Background: Reproducibility is a key issue for science. When clinical practitioners look for an answer in the scientific literature for evidence-based interventions, they can be stuck in their aims. The fact of considering a single study as enough evidence for intervention, or the opposite, lack of effects, or agreement, in the effects between several studies, may discourage them.

Sources of evidence: In this manuscript, we review the main issues and resources related to the problem of replication in science for nursery research and practice contexts.

Discussion: The review begins with a description of the bias that may affect any research into the research community. Second, it describes the main issues related to the methodological consideration that has been the target of analyzing the replication problem.

Conclusion: Global policies and managing systems in nursery can improve their cost-effectiveness if they do an appropriate analysis of the issues related to the so call replication crisis in health science.

Del Olmo-De Dios MV and Barrós-Loscertales A

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