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Review on Preoperative Nutritional Status in Gastric Cancer Patients


Assessment of preoperative nutritional status for surgery experiencing patients really affects directly on postoperative diagnosis, general survival and illness particular survival. General complexities and hospital stay will be reduced in case of perioperative nutritional support supplemented with immune stimulating nutrients. Length of hospitalization will be reduced while the early and long-term post-operative nutritional status will be improved with early enteral nutrition after surgery. After warrant appropriate substitution and gastrectomy, common metabolic sequelae were found to be Vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies. Functional status, nutritional status, quality of life will be improved by home complimentary parenteral nourishment in-case of advances GC patients with malnutrition. Total home parenteral nourishment speaks to the main methodology of caloric admission for patients with advanced GC who can't take oral or enteral nutrition. This review provides a summary of this proof on nutritional support in patients with GC undergoing surgery likewise as in those with advanced disorder.

Anusha Badarla

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