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Role of Exopolysaccharides from Microorganism and Its Application on Orange


The Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) belongs to citrus family (Rutaceae), which includes other fruits such as bitter orange, limes, lemons and grapefruits. It originated from Asia and it is eaten worldwide as a potential source of Ascorbic acid, a potent god-made stabilizer that strengthens immunity. Key phyto-chemicals like pectin, oxedrine, polyhydroxyphenols, and decent amount of folic acid, thiamine, potassium, nicotinic acid and magnesium are also present. These constituents being biologically active prevent diseases like coronary artery disease, tumour, renal calculus, peptic ulcers and low cholesterin and high blood pressure that enhances good well-being. Oranges are non-perishable and can last upto few weeks if stored in proper and suitable conditions.

Garima Chaudhary*

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