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Significant Contribution of Neural Regulation to Immune Recognition of Self and Else: A Hypothesis from the US Member of Satellite Group


It has been made many achievements on neurosciences in television. Herein, it is communicated via the author a new hypothesis raised by a US Member of Satellite Group, which has also been manifested in television together with the unification of four forces in physics with electromagnetism. It was newly suggested that the external noxious stimulus would elicit both neural and immune responses in inflammation, with the neural responses amplifying the immune activation against the external stimulus by such cells as the helper T cells, basophils and so on; while the healthy tissues elsewhere could not elicit these neural and immune responses, there with the immune suppression predominating by such cells as the suppressor T cells, eosinophils and so on. Besides, herein it is also collected some updated evidence to support this hypothesis from the US Member of Satellite Group, including the autoimmune diseases, the evolutionarily ancient neuroinflammation, and the neural immunoregulation of gut commensal microbes.

Zi-Jian Cai

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