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Sociodemographic and Clinical Characterization of Patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices


Objective: To perform the sociodemographic, economic and clinical characterization of patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED). Method: Cross-sectional study with 50 subjects. Sociodemographic, economic and clinical data were collected. To verify an association between the variables, the IMB SPSSStatistics Software was used using the chi-square and t-student test for paired samples. Results: The socio-demographic and economic characterization showed prevalence of men, 29 (58%), average age 63 years, incomplete elementary school, 20 (40%), income of a minimum wage, 24 (48%), rural workers, 17 (34%), Catholic religion, 34 (68%). Clinical characterization showed a prevalence of patients with systemic arterial hypertension, 39 (78%), bradycardia, 18 (36%), cardiac device implantation up to five years, 24 (48%), without generator replacement, 31 (62%), use of antihypertensive medications, 41 (82%) and sedentary lifestyle, 34 (68%). The predominant implantable electronic cardiac device was pacemaker, 41 (82%). Only 9 patients (18%) used the implantable cardioverter defibrillator. there was significance in sex (pvalue=0.259), household (p-value=0.356) and pacemaker implantation time (p-value=0.07). Other variables did not present statistically significant construction. Conclusion: There were no patients using resynchronizer. The results are similar to those found in other studies, however, it is suggested that the research proposal be extended to other realities and services.

Liscia Divana Carvalho Silva*, Edipo Luan De Carvalho Caminha, Nerilce Soares Ferreira, Paulo Eduardo Sousa Silva and Joseildes Castelo Branco Souza, Andrea Carolina Ramos Gonçalves, Ione Rocha Neves, Karlene Azevedo Urbano Costa, Deylson Silva De Oliveira, Tamara Rubia Cavalcante Guimaraes Coutinho, Carla Mikaella De Moura Brasil and Enaire De Maria Sousa Da Silva

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